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The Last Cast is a short film that highlights how climate change is affecting the health of Montana’s rivers and fisheries, and the people who depend on clean, cold water for their livelihoods. Montana is home to some of the world’s most iconic trout fisheries, a resource revered by anglers both near and far. Climate change presents a clear and present threat to trout and all those who value their persistence.

The Threat
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It’s time for anglers and fishing businesses to demand that our elected leaders put aside politics and take action to protect our outdoor heritage. Whether you are an individual angler or a representative of a small business or conservation organization, sign the petition below to our elected officials.

Climate Change is an existential threat to cold water fisheries around the globe. Reduced snowpack, increased drought, ocean acidification and loss of thermally suitable habitat are having major impacts on the distribution and abundance of trout and salmon species. Scientists are predicting a loss of 50% or more of suitable habitat for all trout species in the interior West by 2080. If we fail to take action to mitigate these negative impacts, anglers around the globe stand to lose some of our most cherished fisheries. 


Currently, we have the ability to adopt policies to advance clean energy technologies, reduce carbon dioxide pollution and secure the health of our fisheries for future generations. 


We, the undersigned anglers, businesses and organizations who depend on clean water and healthy rivers, call upon Congress and the world’s leaders to take the immediate necessary steps to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, prevent the continuing impacts of climate change, and preserve our fisheries and fishing heritage.

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